The story so far…

Rinaldo started making re-mixes in the early eigthies at the age of 11, just simply with a tapedeck, mixer and two recordplayers. With this he won several tapemixing contests.

R.A.M. Productions
After meeting a few good friends, Manuel Goncalves and Arne “sd” Peyer, they decided to form a remix and production team called R.A.M. Productions, which was later enforced by a fourth dj called Richen Diaz.
Their main goal was to remix excisting productions and further to remix what no man has ever remixed before. (like their swingbeat mix of ” love and marriage” by Frank Sinatra).

Started in 1990 with small mixes for a local radiostation called delta radio , they knew they wanted to make bigger and longer mixes. Inspired by ben liebrand, who was making the grandmixes for radio veronica, they knew it for sure: “this is what we want to do”. So they started to produce their first yearmix and it was recieved very positivly everywhere. Especialy by local radio stations as salsa fm , barendrecht fm and many more.
R.A.M Productions won a remix contest on radio 538 with their “coolmix”, and where asked to make monthly mixes for stads radio rotterdam program: turbulentie.
Finaly after 5 years of making small mixes and yearmixes they were asked by veronica fm to make a yearmix for them. And so they made the yearmix for veronica fm in ’96-’97-’98.
They also produced , as clup 4 , four dance tracks on vinyl. This was on the label 7 clup records. These tracks were often played on the tmf television show : ” the d.j.’s ” and also where several times in the dancecharts.
Their latest yearmix was very special. In fact it was so special that neither veronica or tros radio dare to broadcast it. (it was a “to big” project).
The mix contained >> 280 greatest hits of the last 10 years in a 2 hours mix. There were a few local radiostations who had the guts to broadcast it.
Thanks still goes out to those few, and shame on you commercial/public stations.

Rinaldo Montezz
Now , only Rinaldo is producing remixes and tracks. Various in styles and always looking for boundaries.
All those years (more than 20 years) he also played in several clubs like: Danssalon – the Escape – the Challenge , and for many years as the residence d.j. at the Gay Palace Nightclub in Rotterdam – the Netherlands.

Now Rinaldo is free for bookings all over the world.
The music style varies from commercial (club)tunes to pumpin’ remixes of populair tracks, some made by Rinaldo himself.
Rinaldo: ” it’s a great way to test my remixes on a audience. They are very rigorous on what they like and dislike, so they are the best jury and the judge”.
Rinaldo’s personal style is very broad. From funky grooves with good vocals to pumping tribal sounds which is guaranteed to make the people wild !

….the story will continue…