Strange things can happen when you out of the blue get a message from someone you don’t know, asking you to do a remix/production for a track.
” I got your name from Alexander, a big fan of yours and your releases, and i was wondering, could you a remix from a track ?”.
– Me: ” Uhm, ok, send me something, and i will have a listen”.

What i heard was a voice with that very special timbre i didn’t hear for a while, and was instantly charmed by it.
(Super nice guy also ! ) And we went for it…

Ok, now this remix/production is booming since it’s release.
(A remake from the old 1997 Alexia track).
Hundreds of radio stations are going crazy, putting it on an almost hourly rotation.
Reviews through the roof only 2 weeks after it’s release.
Changes are very high you will hear this remix somewhere on your holiday.
Adrian, an exceptional artist originating from the vibrant region of South France, has been captivated by the allure of music since the glorious era of “Dance Music.”
Having gained experience as a dance artist manager, Adrian felt the time was ripe to embark on his own musical voyage.
Again, brought to you buy the fabulous Driving Wheel Records
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