Sunny fiesta remix from Lori Glori’s track ” Claim it “.
Lori Glori is an American vocalist that does not only convince through the quality of her voice, but also through vocal performances.
Already as young, she used to sing Gospel music in her home town San Francisco. At the age of 17 she won the ‘Miss Black San Francisco’ beauty pageant and after that, she toured the world with Bill Summers & Summers Heat for seven years. Back in the United States she has been doing the backing vocals for an impressive list of popular Soul acts such as Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Thelma Houston, Barry White, Midnight Star, Cameo and a few others.
She decided to live in Germany after her last tour with Summers Heat and have since then concentrated successfuly on her own career. She has toured with numerous artists such as Jennifer Rush and Mary (German travesty star).
In 1991, Lori signed a contract with producer Frank Farian.
For RTL’s – UNESCO gala in New Year 1994, Lori performed USA For Africa’s mega hit “We Are The World” in German. She was chosen by John de Mol Sr. from among other singers that were to sing with a chorus of 110 people from the showbusiness live on RTL TV.
With DMP (2), Lori Glori has become an important part of several charts-hitting projects. She is the voice behind hits from Intermission, Major T. or Loft hits. She also took part to Magic Affair’s track “Magical Love Affair” and to Rhythm + Dance Machine’s single “Never”.