I’m proud to announce that a Rinaldo Montezz remix will be added to the remixpack from the “collaboration track” between leadsinger from Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Martin Degville and and Massive Ego singer Marc Massive.
These 2 great personalities with both a very powerfull voice, grabbed Hazel O’Conners early 80’s hitsingle “Eighth Day” by the nuts, and transformed it into something complety new.
On top of that, these to icons asked me for a remix… and i couldn’t refuse.
It turned out to become something very special, and not yet heard before in today’s dance seen.
This might be a new sound / combination we will hear more from… Time will tell.
No preview yet, but when available (Musicvideo is in the making) you will find it all around the net, and also here on my website.
So stay tuned, prepared and openminded !
UPDATE: The whole project has been canceled