I was asked by dutch top producer Ruud van Rijen for a remix for the brand new single from dutch eurodance group “Twenty 4 Seven”.
Now, if you never have heard a track from Twenty 4 Seven, then you are not from this planet.
Not only the fact that i always was a big fan of the group but also the splendid vocals from Li-Ann (Tfs) and Stay C (Escari¤o) made me decide to take this opportunity.
Result, a massive retro remix from a brand new song ” The Reason”, with stillÿthat edge 2012 sound, that will stand strong on radio as on the dancefloor.
Release will be February 7th 2012 with a massive remix pack. (Not in size but in sound)
This is what is said on the promotional page:
The Reason is the new single of Twenty 4 Seven.
The group that is active since 1989 had many hits and charted top ten all over the world with singles like “Slave to the music, Is it love, I can’t stand it….” and many more.
Founder and producer, DJ Ruud van Rijen shows with this great sounding production that Twenty 4 Seven after 24 years is still going strong. .
With the second single of Li-Ann as female vocalist in Twenty 4 Seven she proves her talent again. Together with Stay-C they still fill the dance floors all over the world.
Available at all digital stores !